Digital Marketing
Case Studies

Web Design Xpert combines the power of storytelling in today's terrain of digital news with the best practices for SEO (search engine optimization) and growth marketing so we can get your brand in front of the right audiences who are looking for your products and services.

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Our client launches a platform to power Digital Currency Lending, Staking and Rewards. We've optimized the press release to rank for terms such as digital currency lending and digital currency lending and staking in Google and Google News.

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Our client launches their new innovative CNC router. We've optimized the press release to rank forΒ cnc router in Google News, Bing News and Yahoo News.

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Our FinTech client is an online trading platform who has announced their exponential growth. We optimized and ranked their press release to rank for keywords such as fixed time trading platform in Google, Google News, Yahoo and Yahoo News. They've been published in Yahoo Finance too.

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Sports Media

Our client, a video platform provider, announces their acquisition by another company. We were able to get the news story to show up on top in Google News and Bing News for the keyword video platform provider.

Note: The case studies and clients that we have served is through our experience working with our partner company PR Distribution.